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Thank you from one mom to another. My inner lizard got to emerge with the hot rocks under my feet and the sun yes, the real sun streaming through the windows. Because of the extreme restrictions placed on access to the women's quarters, very few reliable accounts of their description are available.

Zenana Spa, thank you for creating a nurturing environment and experience for us mamas in need of some pampering. My esthetician was so sweet and she even complimented me on my skin and eyebrows.

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She was friendly, helpful and did an impressive job. Her use of straps and blocks was very helpful too. The size of the zenana meant that it was a community within itself, and it thus required systematic administration to maintain. The palaces themselves were decorated with mirrors, paintings and marble.

That lessconstrictive interpretation of purdah allowed

That less-constrictive interpretation of purdah allowed the ladies of the Mughal court to indirectly participate in public life, most notably in civic building projects. In addition to the women of rank, the zenana was populated by attendants of various skill and purpose to provide for the needs of the ladies residing within. When entering or exiting the zenana itself, female pall bearers carried their palanquins, and they were only transferred to male servants and eunuchs outside the walls of the zenana. We had the nicest time, comfy seats, a couple of hours of fun girl time and pampering. Having a chemical-free pedicure was a divine experience and the polish color choices are all rich and fun.

Other amenities depicted in illustrations of court life include running water and meticulous gardens. Such a nice time for us both. Abu'l Fadl describes the zenana as being divided into sections, with female daroghas appointed to tend to the financial and organizational needs of the residents. My son thought it was the coolest thing ever.