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The single people who really do love surfing are probably kissing each other in the water right now, or at least flirting with each other in a bar while they brush the sand from their wetsuits. According to data from Wired. Gentleman Anyone describing themselves as a gentleman over the internet might be suffering from an advanced case of nice guy syndrome.

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Self-proclaimed nice guys on the internet have a reputation for passive aggression and entitlement. Perhaps on a chartered yacht, surrounded by lusty ladies. In that way, the internet hasn't changed the way we look for love.

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If someone claims to have travelled the world, we can check for evidence, and be suspicious when the photos they have posted all appear to have been taken in a car park in Reading. Because they might think the person is overly mushy or seeking serious commitment. Being single is tough, and the internet provides a buffer zone that allows us to be slightly better protected and informed than we might be if we relied on the old-fashioned channels. Romantic Being a romantic is a plus, because it shows you have passion and emotion. Ironically, some nice guys have a tendency to become rude or bitter when banished to the friend zone.

Photographs are the most honest part of anyone's profile. We know that anyone can make themselves sound too good to be true, or too compatible with you to be believable. At least the internet gives us a chance to check that the person we're eyeing up is single and interested before we make fools of ourselves in real life. We might claim we're not just after someone who looks hot in their picture, and we're desperate to meet someone who shares our love of French New Wave cinema.

We're still using the same criteria we used when we relied on meeting people in the pub.

Instead, use the word passionate or ambitious to describe your romantic side. Loving the ocean might imply depth, but it's often used as a shorthand for your aspirations. Curious Curious about your options? The written profile becomes the ultimate selfie, a space for us to commit acts of verbal vanity.

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Many of the most popular words and phrases seem to suggest a way of life that people dream of living, rather than an actuality. But whatever you do, vietsingle dating website keep this word out of your profile description.

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Alpha Some people strive to be the alpha in any given social situation. It might be best to stick with saying you're adventurous or well-traveled.

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