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Matisoff and David Bradley, eds. Among the scholars who have dealt with the issue so far in a more theoretically serious way we can count e. Nevertheless, in deciding this question, there are also other factors that come into play, such as the absence vs.

Moreover, scholars quite often disagree with each other regarding their interpretation. Moreover, a verb does not change its form at different situations, with the exception of the beidong usage of verbs. The syntax of the Mandarin and English verb phrase.

Among the scholars

Negation is achieved by placing a negative particle before the verb. Many of the aforementioned points can be demonstrated on the case of adjectives. Within a verb phrase, adverbs usually appear before a verb.

Apart from that, there is a complication of a more technical nature. Yes-no questions are marked with a sentence-final particle, while wh-questions are marked with in-situ interrogative pronouns. There are a number of passive constructions, but passives are sometimes not marked differently from active constructions.

There are also a number of sentence-final particles. These extensions and functions are still governed by conventional rules, not by universal pragmatic considerations.

Matisoff and David