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By being in China, he would help prepare our allies against the possibilities of a great Pacific war involving the U. By the time Nationalist armies began to receive large amounts of supplies via the Ledo Road, the war had ended. The difficulties he faced in modernizing fighter tactics, even in emphasizing airpower as a weapon, are clearly explained. Prior to that, Chennault had rejoined the Army with the rank of colonel.

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The result was a corps of experienced and skilled volunteer pilots who wanted to fight. Chennault was at his lowest point.

He then made his last home in Monroe, Louisiana. He was reared in the Louisiana towns of Gilbert and Waterproof. Soong had already begun negotiations for an increase in financial aid with U.

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With the Burma campaign over, Chennault redeployed his squadrons to provide air protection for China. This mission was one of the earliest American aerial victories in the Pacific War.

She became one of the Republic of China's chief lobbyists in Washington, D. However, his health was plagued by chronic hearing loss from flying without ear protection and chronic bronchitis.