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Galinda feels regretful and goes to dance with Elphaba. She reluctantly admits that they were, leading Glinda to tell them the story of how they became best friends.

Glinda, and though Elphaba at first denies being the girl he once knew from Shiz and evades Fiyero, she eventually gives in when he follows her home. To help her in her future, Elphaba gives the Grimmerie to Glinda.

Elphaba tries to cast a spell to protect him by turning him into a scarecrow, but is crestfallen by the limitations of her power. Glinda banishes the Wizard from Oz and sends Madame Morrible to prison for murder.

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The Wizard, however, refuses to make any agreements. The critical community was, frankly, very helpful to us. The headmistress, Madame Morrible, decides to take Nessarose under her protection, leaving Elphaba and Galinda as roommates, to their chagrin.

The two talk of their titles and catch up. He discovers she has started to take up magic, and tells her that Nessa has taken a class in sorcery, Glinda is now a sorceress and that they miss Elphaba. Schwartz considered how best to condense the novel's dense and complicated plot into a sensible script. Simultaneously, returning to the musical's starting point, Glinda promises the people of Oz to properly earn her title as Glinda the Good.

Parting word of advice, take as many pics as possible and leave identifying marks on your saw before sending it off. Elphaba wants to help, but no one will stand up with her.