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But the pine had difficulty rearranging its branches. The rabbit, eyes wide with fright, frantically searched for cover but found nothing among the dark trunks extending upward into branches that were artfully lifted from the snow. It would then reign in honor in the great castle hall, shimmering with silver balls and gold angels that sparkle in the light of thousands of candles. In the morning the rabbit found its burrow.

She claimed it

The trees looked askance at this interruption of their evening when growing was at its best. And then a small pine shuddered. But each she approached clenched its branches tight like a fist.

There would be a gap evermore. Reminding herself to have a woodsman dispose of it, she drove on, but then she stopped and glanced back at it. But alas, when the wind ceased, the small pine had been severely and permanently bent out of shape. Then a powerful blizzard lashed the land. Why Christmas Trees are not Perfect by Richard Schneider They say that if you creep into an evergreen forest late at night you can hear the trees talking.

This was particularly true in a small kingdom deep in Europe beyond the Carpathian Mountains. She claimed it to be the most beautiful tree of all and presented it as her Christmas tree to the rest of the kingdom.

For as have many of us, the trees have learned that the scars suffered for the sake of others make one beautiful in the eyes of God. This story is not about a boy or a girl, black or white. Faster and faster the rabbit circled as the excited yelping sounded louder and louder. One cold night, when a bright white moon glittered on the crusty snow as if it were strewn with millions of diamonds, a small rabbit limped into a grove of evergreens, its sides heaving in panic.

All strained at the task, fully concentrating on their form and appearance. Weeks passed and winter deepened, bringing a gale as never before experienced in the mountains. And everyone who danced and sang around it said it was the finest Christmas tree ever.

She had come to choose the finest tree herself. It is about a pine tree that offers support and shelter to the meek and lowly wildlife, even in the midst of ridicule from its friends, the other pine trees.

This was particularly true in