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It may weigh on my mind in the most disturbing way possible for awhile. It gives you space to brainstorm with other white people and figure out how you can be better allies. Carter is a familiar figure, cloaked in a robe of privilege reserved for the white elite. As a form, the blues is an autobiographical chronicle of personal catastrophe expressed lyrically. When it was time to change scenery, money dissolved the city into a beach or a ski lodge.

It was a hard but healing kind of conversation. You as a person are allowed to experience and work through whatever is happening for you. Everyone needs to vent once in a while.

What my friend thought she was doing was showing solidarity with me by starting conversations about racism and activism. Showing up as effective allies means recognizing your own limitations and emotions.

Unfortunately, you dealing with those feelings by unloading or processing with People of Color can do more harm then good. But it's that unsettling feeling and atmosphere that shook me and will stay with me. It will shock you, horrify you, unsettle you, and that's exactly the point.

We really did feel that our love of the music bought us something, some right to blackness, but by the time we got to New York, we'd learned not to talk about it. Early parts are occasionally irritating but gave me enough interest as we come to know Seth and Carter and Car This book isn't what you think it is. His writing is propulsive, clear and bright, whether he's describing an old blues song or a shocking act of violence. What I mean is that your hurt, guilty, or angry feelings are valid.

In this tradition, Hari Kunzru has written a timely novel that demands an examination of the toxicity and perniciousness of whiteness. This book wasn't what you thought it was. You can tell them, but it slips their minds. The other half, myself included, began to roll our eyes, cross our arms over our chests, and completely tune the discussion out. Too often, People of Color are pushed aside so that white people feel safe and calmed.

It gives you space

He has a casual disdain for any rules, an ability to be whomever he wants, whenever he wants, and he is willfully innocent to the world around him. They fall short of tragedy only in that they provide no solution, offer no scapegoat but the self. Having to do so forces us to put aside our own complex emotions. The tone of the conversation shifted. On your record deck, you played the sound of the middle passage, the blackest sound.

It may weigh on my

Kunzru's writing is quite fine, very readable even in the acid trip half of the book, with for me quite a few revelatory phrases and ideas, and some great descriptive elements. Their shared love for the world of sound bind them, and then Carter's obsession with blues and preserving and recreating that music fuses Seth to him more firmly.