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White Fang (Audiobook) by Jack London

It stands to reason this story doesn't follow a Disney like pattern. Will Sarah's spirit remain unbowed? All of them well performed by John Lee Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Before they have even been there a week, they make an amazing discovery.

Perhaps that shows my hypocrisy in shunning the excessive vulgarity and perverse writing of most popular authors. The ice flow incident when he would not move and was saved. Who was your favorite character and why? Nothing is done, however, until the disappearance of Christine during her triumphant performance.

White fang audio book

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Published over a century ago, the story remains timeless. It does provide good food for thought. John Lee gives a very solid reading of this classic. Worth the read I really enjoyed this book it's one I will keep.

Petersburg, inspired by Hannibal, Missouri, where Twain lived as a boy. Struggled with one chapter because I really hated what was happening. London, Hemingway, Conrad, and even Mark Twain were not politically or culturally correct for this time.

Weeden Scott, he has love for White Fang. Top-rate story and storytelling Would you consider the audio edition of White Fang to be better than the print version? When White Fang learned love. Even if you've read the book, ucoz templates it's worth listening to the audio book just for the performance.

White Fang by Jack London in mp3 format. Free audio book

Captivating and enjoyable story. The chicken coup scene where he proves he is obedient and smart.

Enjoyed the life of the wolf. Not wanting to lose his bet, he immediately embarks on a trip around the world with his valet Passepartout. Wealthy ne'er-do-well Humphrey Van Weyden is a castaway who is put to work on the schooner Ghost, run by brutal Wolf Larsen. London was one of the first I've done this with, but it worked well so he won't be the last. Make no mistake, this is a story about a wolf cub at a time when society was much less predisposed to kindness.

Only a great author can completely flip the narrative and have you cheering for the villian in the second and third act. Only one man sees inside the killer to his intelligence and nobility. Montgomery's Anne Shirley rejoice!

White fang audio book

This amazing story of transformation is beautifully written and provides a glimpse of the hard life in the Yukon Territory during the s. All of them well performed by John Lee.

The ice flow incident when he would not move and was saved Which scene was your favorite? What other book might you compare White Fang to and why? What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Neither barbarism or profanity can make up for a poorly woven tale.

It pulls you in Would you consider the audio edition of White Fang to be better than the print version? This was one of the first books my Grandpa got for me. This book gives an account of the life of this great legend of all times. Prepare to cry and laugh listening to this superb rendition of the book. He learned how to adjust his life with different masters and different circumstances.

White fang audio book

Amazing Captivating and enjoyable story. The fate of domesticated wolf that inducs pathos If you could sum up White Fang in three words, what would they be?

Toughened by life at sea, Humphrey develops the strength to protect another castaway, Maud Brewster, and stand up to the increasingly deranged Larsen. Experience the crashing, relentless power of the sea through this compelling story, made hauntingly immediate by author London's vivid prose. Digging in the gravel-pit, they find a fairy! It also offers glimpse into the past, as Jack London's descriptions of northern life, and in particular the life of First Nations people at the time, is fairly accurate from all accounts.

This narrative starts out in a desolate, cold, fightening hunt in in which men are the prey. This is a must-have in every library, and every Audible collection.

Some allege to have seen the ghost in evening clothes moving about in the shadows. Robert, Anthea, Jane, Cyril and the Lamb are on holiday at the White House, a beautiful place on the edge of a hill with a chalk quarry one side and a gravel-pit on the other. John Lee did an excellent job. Publisher's Summary In the desolate, frozen northwest of Canada, a lone wolf fights a heroic daily fight for life in the wild.

It is set in the s in the fictional town of St. But can his kindness touch White Fang? Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

Here she meets her seven spirited boy cousins with whom she has home-spun fun, many exciting adventures and in the process learns valuable lessons about life, love and friendship. The chicken coup scene where he proves he is obedient and smart Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? It refreshing to see how a masterful author can handle cruelty and violence without resulting to the usual graphic descriptions of today. That being said, glad I pushed through and read the whole story. You won't be disappointed.