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She is no longer walkingIn all the commotion of

She was not dressed as crisply as he was. There is nothing wrong with wanting like this.

In all the commotion of the harvest boom, most people don't notice that the girl is no longer walking the streets to work. She is no longer walking the streets, but riding around with Dan Watson, her elbow resting on the truck door while they drive with the windows rolled down. Some stay separate, but most don't. Laughter carries across several cars, friends having spotted each other and walking over to say hello.

She happens to be the mother of Bakersfield heartthrob Dan Watson who, in turn, is the boyfriend of tragic Teresa. But right now, his eyes round out, dewy and unblinking at his first sight of rosy nipples. When I finally finished Munoz's novel, I couldn't decide how I even felt about his story or if I even understood what had really happened. And that's how it should have stayed, a plain girl like that all alone. The two of them stepping out of the record shop several times a week with brown-papered packages stuck under his arms.

He is twenty-three but still a boy. What You See in the Dark is his debut novel and it explodes onto the scene to explore the deliciously sinister side of desire. His stomach is coated with that familiar stickiness and he rests his forehead on the car door while he's fondled. But Las Cuatro Copas does just fine by itself.

You looked for her among the faces surrounding the bathroom mirrors, but she was nowhere to be found. He has to learn to be gentle and enjoy the feel of skin, give pleasure instead of just taking it. You can avert your gaze as they exit the supermarket, where he comes out holding two paper bags stuffed full of food. Hands on knees and short whispers and legs shaved that evening, baby smooth. The taste of the beer in his mouth, slightly bitter, but sweet, too, the surprise that men taste sweet inside.

Las Cuatro Copas isn't the best cantina in town, but if you go there, you would do well to put on your best long skirt, the wider the better because there's good music for dancing. The detective on the screen is giving chase along the dark streets of a city, but no one cares about the pursuit. She moves with confidence and assurance, even if she is not allowed to ring up the sales on her own.

Your hand on his cheek to feel the itch of his whiskers, what you can't see but can feel. He is handing her the box.

In the end, this was an enjoyable book with a perfect title. Despite this, the book builds a certain level of tension as you hope that somewhere along the line one of the characters will receive an ounce of happiness.