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Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers by Lisa Rogers download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Lisa takes field-tested strategies and makes them easily accessible to the mainstream. Building the Classroom Environment. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.

It provides clear pictures and drawings as well as practitioner friendly explanations for why the visuals will help the student with autism spectrum disorders. Visual Supports to Clarify Behavioral Expectations. They are research-based, practical and easy to implement.

By engaging with and implementing the strategies in this comprehensive book, you will be providing an illumination of light bulb moments for visual thinkers everywhere. Building a Feeling Chart with Calming Strategies.

Building a Feeling Chart withBy engaging with and implementing

Visual supports can make the transient more tangible and ensure that information is processed with ease and speed. Her many vivid examples make the principles come alive and help the reader to understand them fully and their implementation in a way that few other books on this topic are able to do. Examples of Visual Supports in Action. Visual Supports for Instructional Success. Task Analysis through Mini-Maps.

Anyone working with students with an autism spectrum disorder or other learning challenge will find this book to be a very valuable tool.