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Veggies with Wedgies by Todd H. Doodler download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Bob and Larry live as roommates in an apartment west of the kitchen counter. Themes in each episode relate to Biblical principles such as forgiveness, compassion and generosity. His first animation model was an anthropomorphic candy bar. The animated feature involved stories told by a group of recurring fruit and vegetable characters who lived on a kitchen countertop. Bob and Larry then intervene with a story from a VeggieTales video.

The cast from the original videos remains the same aside from the absence of Mr. Lunt appears with his stick puppet, Paco the Storytelling Mule, and tells a story. You are not currently authenticated.

Themes in each episode relate

Bob and Larry then wait for the mailman, Jimmy Gourd, to deliver a letter. The result always proves disastrous, as the story or film makes no sense. At the Christian Worldview Film Festival, Mike Nawrocki confirmed that he was no longer working on VeggieTales, and there was nothing in production. That said, there is an abundance of visual comedy as the assorted produce bounce around the farmyard in undergarments especially in the backside gallery of veg displaying their wedge. Comcast shut down Big Idea's offices in Nashville shortly afterward.

Bob and Larry