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Lately, that fight has grown more urgent. Then, in November, a sheriff's sale notice appeared on one of the properties, which it turned out carried thousands of dollars in tax debt. Further, capacity development is required to establish legal provision and regulatory frameworks necessary to enable the flow of market funds to urban development sectors. The gardens are also vulnerable to other threats, as rapidly appreciating land values are finally making it worthwhile for absentee owners to pay off back taxes and sell the land. Cities need to establish reliable fiscal databases, billing and collection capacities and communication programmes to inform stakeholders of the benefits of taxation.

The gardeners recently ended a lengthy legal battle in a settlement, and announced they'll shut down for good at the end of the month. But now that land values are rising, it's a race against development to preserve many of those green spaces. This will place additional burdens on stabilization, reconstruction and developmental responses in Mosul. Transparent land sale mechanisms e.

The tax system was overhauled, taxpayer compliance increased and the government pledged to be more accountable for tax expenditure. State revenue officials have gained the cooperation of powerful business and informal sector associations to encourage their members to pay taxes. Positive public perceptions of state government have influenced readiness to pay taxes.

Then in November a

Slater and Goyal identify land assets owned by subnational governments as an important element of finance in most developing countries. Land is generally the most valuable asset available to subnational governments and can be used in multiple ways. Ebony Griffin of the Public Interest Law Center recently ran training for two dozen lawyers on garden legal issues. The assessment includes several recommendations that could be elaborated when the full extent of damage and needs are known after liberation. Now, though, there are more advocates on the case.

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