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Untersuchungen über die Krustenbildung an metallischen Werkstoffen by Lennart Junghahn download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Modern sources for high energetic synchrotron

Modern sources for high energetic synchrotron radiation and new detectors enable in situ diffraction experiments during the cutting process within a very small gauge volume. It is shown that the assumption of a free chip flow could not be hold. The maximum stresses increase upon a decreasing rake angle.

For the first time, the results of a cutting simulation could be compared to experimental data. Zum ersten Mal konnten die Ergebnisse einer Zerspansimulation mit experimentell ermittelten Spannungen verglichen werden. The microstructural gradients show identical behaviour as the macroscopic stresses, exhibiting a clear relation between the microstructural development and the evolving stress state. Therefore, a extension of the relation considering the normal stresses in direction of the chip flow is necessary for a correct calculation of the shear angle.

Stronger stress gradients can be observed with smaller undeformed chip thickness, smaller cutting edge radius and higher rake angles. The strain hardening results in an increase in the von Mises stresses and the hydrostatic stresses. For the optimization of machining processes with geometrically defined cutting edge a fundamental understanding of the chip formation process is necessary.

It is shown that the assumption