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The unions saw this order as a deliberate attempt to suppress their new unions and as such not fought back individually but collectively. In the emerged scenario, the Government assumed the position of plaintiff and the judges in all industrial relation matter. They grew also, partly as a result of another stimulant political agitation. But contrary, the colonial government has violated this principle, which only exist by mere utterances.

With the outbreak of labour unrest in many colonies especially in West Indies, it exerted great effect on many colonies as trade union legislation developed in a number of colonial territories. In the first instance, the colonial government tried to discourage the formation of workers union. But Anamaba believe that the body was hardly a trade union especially in relation to the present day trade unionism. So it is the set of people who are structurally organised workers into an association in order to improve their lot.

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The development of trade union was out of the need for workers to express their grievances, voice their opinion on wages and conditions of labour, hence unions began to proliferate. The labour leader wants those who feel labour should not go on strike to appeal to the Federal Government to reverse the prices of petroleum products.

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Christian missions established Western educational institutions in the Protectorates. However, since the period saw organizations that acted on welfare and discipline, it can still be taken to mean narrowed aspiration and focus. It is obviously understandable, however, that it is wrong to see the approach of the government in all ramification as anti-trade union.

To him it is mostly the case in issues like sacking workers, flouting collective bargaining agreements, unstable and irregular employment and inadequate employee status and recognition. And in this section, the write will endeavour to find what have been said about the subject matter and related analysis by authors and writers. In the government hanged environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa on trumped-up charges in the deaths of four Ogoni elders. In practice however, several actions of the colonial government have proved clearly the difference between what the government said and what it did. Before this period, the idea of trade union formation with legislation was clearly unnoticed in Nigeria.

The era of conflicts among unionists, the era of decentralised unions, the era of controversial international affiliations among other things. Concerning the second world war, not only did the war give Nigeria the room to make contact with the outside world, it also provided an opportunity for the new employment for thousands of people. It did not develop alternate revenue sources in the economy for economic stability.