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This means that some question types are omitted or dated, although most are covered in great detail. Nonetheless, they can be extremely beneficial, and provide additional questions and advice to help prepare for the exam. We encourage you to vet any advice you get including ours before deciding on which book to get. Mock exams are a great way to mimic the testing environment and further identify any area of improvement in time management and dealing with pressure.

Best UKCAT Books

In terms of sheer volume of information, this guide is unrivaled. As well as, the level of depth provided in worked solutions. We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. It boasts an additional brand new questions to the previous edition of the book, which it supplements with excellent explanations and plenty of helpful advice.

Ukcat BooksBest UKCAT Books for Preparation

This guide has you covered. That said, I recommend reading the whole guide if you can! The guide also comes with an online mock test. Therefore, are not an equivalent standard to what you can expect in the exam. Nevertheless, readers should note that the guide is an older version, and contains fewer questions than its successor.

The book offers many other helpful tips that are specific to each subtest. It contains a substantial amount of questions, and all the information and coaching students will need to give themselves a strong chance in the exam. You will find yourself referring to answer rationales for items you either get wrong or find difficult. Obviously the more practice questions the better, right?

This book in my opinion is arguably the best book to prepare for the Abstract Reasoning section, it really covers every possible question type possible! The main shortcoming of this test study guide book is its size and shortage of questions. Which means, they are not official practice material. Since then he has helped thousands of students pass the exam through his blog.

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Practice books are arguably the most popular resources used to prepare for the exam. The best selling books all replicate the breadth and depth of the different types of questions that can be asked in the exam and cover the spectrum of difficulties as well. There are practice books that offer better explanations for a particular subtest than others. This guide also contains one mock exam, allowing readers to test themselves in exam-like conditions. Written with the help of teachers and doctors, zero launcher for this guide contains over questions alongside useful techniques and guidance.

Have a look below for the best practice book for each subtest. They cover each subtest and the new Decision Making section. At the end of each section, there is ample practice questions for you to try, to implement what you have just learnt. Nonetheless, they are extremely beneficial to practice individual questions and further familiarise yourself with the different questions in the exam.

Best UCAT Books (2019 updated)Recap The Best UCAT Book in Every Category

This guide is pretty detailed, so here are reference links you can use to jump directly to different parts of the article. Even without the low cost, this is a sturdy and highly useful supplement to the library of any aspiring doctor. They also help give you an indication of what you a likely to score in the live tests.

And that brings us to first understanding the number of practice questions included in a book. Not to toot our own horn, but toot. The new edition includes a full day schedule to help structure your preparation and insert urgency.

We do not recommend buying every book recommended in this article. The questions are undoubtedly challenging, and in some cases even exceed the difficulty level of the exam itself, but students should not be daunted by this. The book provides some practice questions, as well as techniques to ensure success, demonstrated through worked examples.

This guide comes packed with an astonishing questions, covering all sections of the test and reflecting the style and difficulty of the real exam. The authors have worked hard to make sure the questions are as similar to the real exam as possible, making it a strong resource students can rely on. It is an extremely beneficial tool to come back to specific questions in the exam. Readers can take a diagnostic test at the beginning of the book to gain an idea of where their problem areas lie, and then focus their energies on these sections. You can mark questions and come back to them later using the flagging function.

Used in that way, however, it is a highly useful resource for prospective test-takers. It works best when used in combination with one of the more question-heavy study guides, so students can test out the strategies a sufficient number of times. This provides a challenging preparation for the test without lulling students into a false sense of security. If you continue to use this site we assume that you accept them. However, make sure to also take into account the ratio of practice questions.

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