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Trail Running Western Massachusetts by Ben Kimball download in ePub, pdf, iPad

He gives tips on how to interact with other trail users. He proves that it does make sense to have a reference book to help runners learn about the best trails.

Geographically, this book covers the area between the Quabbin Reservoir and upstate New York, including the Pioneer Valley and Berkshire areas as well as portions of the Taconic Highlands. Difficulty in trail running is usually dictated by a combination of terrain and elevation. It could be expanded to include distance, difficulty rating, and trail type. Your best six races determine your final standing for the series.

Kimball often identifies the overall condition of the trail e. Congratulations to our season winners, and to all who participated and honored the trails with your efforts, training, friendships, and spirits. If you carry the guide, seal it in a waterproof freezer bag to keep it dry. This issue is loaded with great essays and poetry. Like vinyl records and film cameras, Appalachia is a throwback.

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The forests, parks, and trail systems of western Massachusetts make it an ideal place to run. There are many ways to use the guide. It is a wonderful resource for runners of all ability levels, and it creates a model for future trail-running guides. Even in a digital world, we would be at a loss without these books. That essay was published in the June issue.