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First, there is the paradox of the tolerant racist, which concerns the objection component. Third, the limits of toleration need to be specified.

Four Conceptions of Toleration The following discussion of four conceptions of toleration is not to be understood as the reconstruction of a linear historical succession. We still face the challenge of examining the grounds and forms of a politics of toleration as an emancipatory form of politics. Christian arguments thus both form the core of many modern justifications of toleration and yet are janus-faced, always bound by the superior aim to serve the true faith. The former is marked by the following characteristics.

Elements of a Constructivist Theory of Justice, A. The first one I call the permission conception. University of California Press.

To answer the question which ofTolerance can only

This, however, does not amount to the late modern idea of a fully secular state with general religious liberty. Fathers of the Church, Inc. Still, the search for common elements is a central, increasingly important topic in toleration discourses.

Tolerance can only be a virtue if this distinction can be made, and it presupposes that the limits of toleration can be drawn in a non-arbitrary, justifiable way. To answer the question which of these conceptions should be the guiding one for a given society, two aspects are most important.