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Not that Thoreau objected to

Not that Thoreau objected to surveying. The indeterminacy enhances the effect. The show consists of four photographs.

Visitors are encouraged to use the latter. The desk has a hinged, angled top. Morell shows the glorious blue of the water as if behind a scrim of spattered droplets.

The indeterminacy enhances

Utterly lacking in ornament, it was meant for business. He seeks to evoke his already richly described subject rather than himself describe it.

Each picture gets an accompanying passage from Thoreau. The Concord Museum, which has the largest extant collection of Thoreauviana, is mounting a yearlong series of bicentennial exhibitions and programs. Writing With Thoreau and Emerson. Both originals and copies are on display.

He counted it among his occupations. Sit, write, cogitate, daydream. Thoreau was also a lifelong Concord resident. The Globe's top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond.

Morell took them last year. Its battered state further attests to that.