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The Voter's Guide to Election Polls by Michael W. Traugott download in ePub, pdf, iPad

He is running against Steven C. Voting at polling places is another story. It continues with knowing where and when to vote. While there is some overlap, civil servants, as a profession and culture, believe in participatory democracy.

Some states may only mail a postcard with the poll location. This part of the guide will highlight some of those barriers. It all starts with a desire to vote, and in rough scenarios, having perseverance and patience. Some red-run states, like Ohio, that have sped up that four-year timetable have been sued but have won at the Supreme Court.

Ironically, it took a foreign power for election officials to take hacking seriously. Not from electronic voting machine critics, who say that it all can be hacked, so no result can be trusted.

Madeleine Brand speaks with Jessica LevinsonNo matter what

No matter what, you have to be patient. Madeleine Brand speaks with Jessica Levinson, a professor of election law, to break it down. The same goes for Ohio, where early voting was reduced and same-day registration was eliminated.