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Often Lava Flows The final stage of the recent Mono-Inyo volcanic activity typically involved the non- explosive eruption of viscous magma to form one or more mound-shaped lava domes. An explosive magmatic episode may also produce occasional pyroclastic flows. Lava Fountains Also Possible in the Long Valley Area Effusive, Hawaiian type eruptions of basaltic magma have also occurred in the area and could occur again.

Based on these recent eruptions, the likely sequence of a future eruption would proceed in the following manner. Landslides take place when the flank of the volcanic crater rapidly flows under the effect of gravity. Update frequency will increase if warranted by changing conditions on either volcano.

Evidence collected by scientists suggests that the magma erupted quietly because water dissolved in the magma was released during its upward journey instead of being trapped. Explosive Eruption of Magma When gas-rich rhyolitic magma the type that has produced most of the Mono-Inyo eruptions reaches the surface, strong, violent explosive eruptions typically occur. Instead they are the different terms associated with the products of a volcanic eruption. The eruption cloud in the image is comparable in size to the cloud that was generated by the eruption that formed the Inyo Craters and nearby lava domes in the Long Valley Caldera some to years ago.

Aftershock sequences can last from days to centuries. In other words, the longer the time since the mainshock, the less likely it is that an aftershock will occur. Eruption of basaltic magma is less viscous and hence effusive which is mostly lava flow and less violent.

This reservoir periodically empties to the surface through a pipelike conduit in repeated cycles of central eruptions. The process starts with the upward buoyant movement of magma from the asthenosphere through the lithosphere. The view in this photo is from the south rim of the crater looking down to the northwest. Pumice is a volcanic stone with lot of cavities.

Based on these recent eruptions the

Helens Lava emerged from the vent in the crater of Mount St. As in Hawaii, this kind of eruption is likely to become a tourist attraction.

Landslides take place

Inyo Craters The Inyo Craters are examples of craters excavated by phreatic explosions. Lava can also erupt from vertical cracks fissures and other vents on the flanks of a volcano in a pattern known as fissure eruptions. The magma resides in a chamber at shallow depth. Such flows pose a serious threat to life and property. Magma and gas rise through the opening and burst forth.

The resulting expansion and explosion of the steam can shatter rocks, hurl large blocks and volcanic ash hundreds of meters in the air, and excavate a crater in the ground. These eruptions also produce hot, fluid lava flows that may extend several kilometers down-slope from the vents.