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The Value of Debt in Retirement by Thomas J. Anderson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Regardless of your

His book offers a bold point-of-view on debt as being a strategic asset in the management of individual and family wealth. Regardless of your net worth, The Value of Debt inRetirement provides tools to use to apply these concepts toyour personal situation. Real-world case studies illustrate how informed debt strategiescan lead to a happier, healthier retirement.

His book offers

Plus, Joe and Al answer more email questions on-air. Virtually everyone says debt is bad. TheValue of Debt in Retirement is about choosing the right debt, in the right amounts, at the right time.

Louis, where he achieved a double major in finance and international business. This book requires responsibleactions. Meet the Websters and see how debt helped them pay almost no taxes in retirement.

He is fluent in Spanish and has lived and worked in Spain and Mexico. Conventional wisdom is wrong - being debt free inretirement may actually increase your risk. Perhaps most importantly, this book isn't for everybody. And debt can potentially reduce that risk. It will open your eyes, especially if you have a puritanical aversion to debt.