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The Uncrowned Kings of England by Derek Wilson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Well, with one enormous irony that becomes a misstep, but I'll discuss that later. They were universally condemned as scheming, ruthless, overly ambitious charmers, with three family members even executed for treason. There's no question Mary burned nearly Protestants at the stake.

Rather unfairly too all things

Written by award-winning historian, Derek Wilson, The Uncrowned Kings of England charts the scandals and triumphs of this legendary clan. There's Something About Mary that doesn't add up. It smells of historical revisionism during Elizabeth's reign. Otherwise, it's quite good.

Rather unfairly, too, all things considering. From other research, I agree. The fortunes of this astonishing family rose and fell with those of the royal line they served faithfully through a tumultuous century. This one seems even more of an injustice, really.

One of the best tidbits is how his hesitation in moving against Princess Mary led her to practically march into London undeterred at the head of an enormous army. And this author falls for the same old story.

What I question is whether or not it made her unpopular, since burnings were fairly common throughout Europe. Throughout the Tudor Age the Dudley family was never far from controversy. He may have taken after his grandfather, in terms of detachment, but I suspect he would have been a brutal, ruthless monarch, intent on persecuting Catholics. How she went from being a glorified, adored monarch to a loathed tyrant in a matter of months doesn't make sense.

From other research

This book commits that sin. The author can't quite convince me Dudley had nothing to do with it. It was extortion, pure and simple. He was simply following the dead King Edward's orders. Elizabeth jerked him around a lot.