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The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan by Paula Quinn download in ePub, pdf, iPad

In my eyes he was the perfect Highland hero. He could barely defend himself, let alone her and a castle. The banter between Darach and Janet was fun to read. Of course, he was also a fearsome warrior and always ready to defend and keep his loved ones safe. He was sexy, good in bed, and said some really romantic things which added to his overall appeal.

It was her life to be sacrificed to a bleating goat. She was smart, brave, strong and faced her fears head on. For a it had a pretty jam-packed story line. It was a fun scene to read and I grinned the whole time. Paula Quinn didn't disappoint with the heat level either.

It was her life to be

The witty banter between Janet and Darach. At times it embarrassed him, but I loved his hard edges along with soft side. Janet and Darach's story was a nice introduction and set-up for this new series.

Janet heard someone playing a lovely tune on the bagpipes only to find that it was Darach who was playing them. There was a very dramatic event involving Janet at the end which really affected Darach. When Janet realizes that Darach has returned to the castle and she needs to move back to her own room. The book did focus on their relationship and not so much on what went on with the secondary characters, which I appreciated, but because I enjoyed these two so much I wanted more. My favorite character was Darach.

One thing I would recommend is that readers brush up on the past history of these families so you don't find yourself confused as to who is related to who. There were also a few action scenes that added excitement.

She was smart brave strong and