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Instead, social media networks could develop and implement algorithms for identifying and removing fake news by marshaling the same engines that spread fake news in the first place. Over the past two years, social media have increased the amplitude and reach of fake news. It would also have the added benefit of keeping government regulators at bay. In the end, the ultimate antidote to fake news and bots is the rationality of the human mind. And in my view, this means resisting any attempts by government to limit the information that reaches us.

However, the most basic social work interventions are the precise leverage in the war that is being waged against poor people. The cornerstone of clinical social work practice is the relationship, again and again, over and over. Indeed, rationality is deeply implicit in democracy itself. In my view, the result would do far more damage to our democracy than any foreign misinformation campaign ever could.

Aside from theoretical orientation, specific interventions, treatment planning, or goal making, the relationship itself is what is actually curative - and curative in profound ways. Regulating what can enter that marketplace could impair or destroy this process, by inadvertently keeping truth from public awareness.

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Either way, we know and we know it deeply. We are piecing together an extended release treatment that will emit its effects, in the minds of our clients over time, often unbeknownst to our searching eyes.

The key in combating fake news and kindred attacks on our body politic is to give our rationality maximum access to all information, including the truth. By showing up, asking good questions, maintaining eye contact, meeting consistently, and seeing people holistically, we begin to help people experience themselves as cohesive wholes. Perhaps we were taught it, or perhaps we bear witness to it daily.

Now a number of people in and out of government are calling for federal regulation of social media. Twitter has already made considerable progress flagging and removing accounts that spread Islamic State propaganda.

Free speech being attacked from all sides The First Amendment is under a lot of duress. The tide changes might not be immediately obviously or fully satisfying, but all corrective attachment experiences are cumulative. The situation has gotten much worse over the past year. This calm, almost like a fertilizer, lends to the development of meta-cognition and reflective functioning. Of course, as social workers, we know all this.

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It also lends to the development of more complex cognitive and affective functionality. Such self-regulation is in the best interest of these media companies. The answer to all of these questions, all of the time, is through relationship.