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The Small Business Bible by Steven D. Strauss download in ePub, pdf, iPad

It assumes you are going to get a loan, rent an office, and of course have a business plan written out. The guy uses litotes to excessive excess. It can get you started if you're overwh This book is good for those just starting out, perhaps unsure if owning a business is right for them or what owning a business entails.

It's repetitive and poorly-writte Audio-booked this one. Nobody can live up to that promise.

It's repetitive and poorlywritten

These are meant to be used sparingly, for emphasis. It's repetitive and poorly-written. The author gives a broad overview of some business basics. Or ask your accountant and attorney. That voice contributes one sentence to a paragraph or text, then goes away.

And the few things that aren't, such as the different Small Business A This was an awful pieces of garbage. There's almost nothing in this book you probably don't already know because it's obvious.

If you need to know that stuff though, don't buy this book. However, it doesn't seem to take into account the recent trends in microbusiness, low-cost startups, and so on. Just go to Wikipedia or something. It can get you started if you're overwhelmed and feeling lost.

These are meant to be used

It does go over a lot of business basics so if you know nothing it's probably a decent place start. It's also usefull for graduated acadmic business adminstration students.

All in all, a worthy buy for a newbie but dont stop here.