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The School for Scandal and Other Plays by Richard Sheridan download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Suffice it to

If the happy endings to some of these pieces ring false to the modern reader, it is, most likely, a function of our cynicism, which discredits us, not Sheridan. Above all, it shows how appearances can be deceptive, and provides much else in terms of revelation and enjoyment along the way. In addition, its themes resonate even or perhaps especially today. The introduction, by Michael Cordner, is valuable.

But as the play progresses and the scandal-mongering backfires, the tables are turned on the siblings. Suffice it to say that The Critic makes fun of the theater business, much as a number of modern Hollywood films make fun of the film business. It's the story of two brothers, one apparently a model citizen, the other a dissolute ne'er-do-well. Malaprop, whose habit of inadvertently using soundalike words introduced a new variety of verbal humor.

It's in this play, and it's one of English comedy's most ingeniously plotted scenes, which I won't describe in case you haven't encountered it.

But as the play