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The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens by Ann Marie Dobosz download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Parents of teens willThe Perfectionism Workbook for Teens provides

Mental health professionals are provided with an evidence-based therapy program that they can include in their practice with confidence. In her current work as a mental health professional, she specializes in helping people of all ages change unhealthy perfectionist patterns.

The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens provides a format that guides readers to discover if perfectionism is a problem for them. Parents of teens will find this book to be very helpful in identifying if their daughter or son is having trouble based in trying to be too perfect. She has been passionate about youth health and well-being from her days as an editor at Ms.

And when we fail to meet those standards as we inevitably do we may become overly critical of ourselves, or lash out toward others. Full of easy-to-understand exercises, this workbook will help teens change the way they relate to themselves so they can start living healthier, more productive lives. Teens who struggle with perfectionism will discover practical strategies for letting go and getting on with their lives.

In our high-pressure society, it s easy to hold ourselves and others to impossibly high standards. The book is clear, accessible, easy to read, and rooted in evidence-based principles.