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That wasn't the only Orchids recording that remained in the can. As in many other plants, the petals of the orchid flowers serve to attract pollinating insects and protect essential organs. We stood in the Kassner office surrounded by executives and sang them the song a cappella. She had intended it to be about a girl-group, but upon realising that all the successful female outfits were American, changed her mind.

The Locarno BallroomIt was however

Who Needs Tomorrow featured one disc of songs from singles and albums, while the other side was all demos and unreleased tracks. After that they took a break until when they got back together. We were sent sheet music to learn, or demo discs maybe.

Pat Watson, who had written the cartoon piece for Judy, got in touch and sent her a copy of it. Mike D'Abo's first group, A Band Of Angels, was also on the bill and there was a running gag between them and the Orchids that they couldn't stand each other.

They changed their line up in when bassist James Moody left and Ronnie Borland, a long time collabarator and supporter of the band, took over on bass. While we were there, Marianne Faithfull turned up at the door. All we get is our five shillings a week pittance. At the moment it is great fun. Georgina does not recall any other backing work by the group.

We didn't have a say in anything. Rudi, United Kingdom We liked the intimate nature of the place, as well as the kind staff. Gala, United States of America Staff. Their commercial production has become an industry.

But none of us take it seriously. We would have preferred singing more Motown type songs, which we were really into at the time.

It was, however, the only one of the group's records to boast a picture sleeve, but only in continental Europe. The Locarno Ballroom is now the city's Central Library, where much of the research for this article was carried out.

She used to be very shy, but now she has lost all that. Great also appeared in the film, which was effectively a series of what would later be called pop videos, loosely linked by a feeble story line.