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Welcoming into its fellowship are people of all nations and denominations of the Christian faith. But I still cry every time. The garage was located right adjoining the Kollupitiya Jumuah Masjid. Muhammad Macan Markar, fifth in a family of thirteen, was born at No. In modern times a restaurant catering to Arabian cuisine has sprouted on the street and many more other similar businesses are actively carrying on business today.

There was a small market place where people could buy and sell. St Margaret's Girls Home started in as a home for orphan and destitute girls was situated adjoining the bookshop. His father, the strict disciplinarian, was never the target of his jokes but his mother suffered occasionally. The business flourished and was moved to Colombo when the port of call for ships was moved from Galle harbor to Colombo harbor. The house was occupied by William Freudenberg.

Within the cinema complex the Liberty Pharmacy, owned and managed by the late M S M Fouz was a very popular drugstore in the area, patronized by the rich and the famous, for many years. However, even those irked Felix at times.

Real estate in all these small towns of Colombo started booming with the demand for land and housing. It is interesting to record that regattas were frequently organized in those times. The Dutch too kept their slaves on this island to prevent them from escaping.

Apart from football cricket too was played. He confided that he had two sincere loyal friends who were true to him right up to the end. Then followed a feast of another kind, a delicious meal consisting of goodies such as masalavadai, godambas, Buhari Chicken, seeni sambol, pawkies, cream buns and ice cream. Royal Barber Saloon, popularly patronized by ladies and gents both European and from the local elite, followed next. They had to draw water using a rope and bucket.

Welcoming into its fellowship are

Victoria Stores, wine merchants, also had their business in this building. Michael's Church was so appalled by the meager wages the washermenof Polwatte Village were receiving, that he helped to organize a strike. Some have been demolished for obvious reasons of expansion and construction.

Many valuable extracts from the book have been included within this journey into time through the town of Kollupitiya. It was amidst this backdrop that many prominent businessmen, traders, politicians, government officials, and professionals took up residence in Kollupitiya. This suited his brother, sister and cousins who acknowledged his organising ability while keeping a wary eye on him in case his ego exceeded its bounds. As informative as it is entertaining, this tribute to Bristol Rovers will make an interesting read for football enthusiasts of all ages, as well as dedicated Pirates fans.

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