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The Odd Woman and the City by Vivian Gornick download in ePub, pdf, iPad

It is too brief a

How she describes her relationship with him offers potential insights about all of our closest friendships. There are no chapters in Odd Woman. Her memoir has the sensibility of the single person that she has been for nearly all of her life. But she is not sentimental about friendship or anything else.

And I look forward to reading it again. There are sections I have only just touched upon, that have much more meaning to yield. As a social scientist with a scholarly interest in friendship, I like to learn from rigorous research studies.

She tells the

The book is framed and punctuated by Gornick's friendship with Leonard, a highly sophisticated man who is perceptive and articulate about his sadness. At its core, Odd Woman is about the city that nourishes the author, in all of its gritty and sublime manifestations. Odd Woman is about solitude and friendship, and the sustenance, meaningfulness, and connection Gornick has found while walking among strangers in the streets of New York. Readers can pick it up when they have just a few spare moments, or savor the whole thing in one luxurious sitting.

She tells the stories of neglected women of letters who stayed single for life. It is too brief a book, although that is part of its perfection. The book is an unfurling of brief vignettes, conversations, observations, insights, and ruminations on literature and art, places and spaces, feminism and friendship. Upon finishing it, I immediately went back to the beginning and reread it. There are meditations on the role of conversation in friendship and the ways in which we define ourselves, our relationship to our own personal narratives-where we came from, where we're going.