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At the time

The Doctor once again invited her to travel with him, Donna remarking that she must've been mad to turn him down the first time. Neither of them knew at the time that this had happened due to the manipulation of the timelines at the hands of Dalek Caan. The trail led to an abandoned secret Torchwood base under the Thames where Lance and the Empress of the Racnoss revealed their plans. The Runaway Bride Joining the Doctor Edit As a result of her encounter with the Doctor, Donna's eyes were opened to the universe, and she could not resume her old life. When a robotic Christmas tree fired explosives at the wedding guests, Donna and the Doctor investigated H.

She also took a thermos of coffee up to her grandfather when he was looking at the stars. They together unblocked the Ood Brain, ending the chaos between the Ood and humans running the Sphere. She went to Egypt for two weeks on holiday looking for some excitement. Rose She missed the Christmas Day Sycorax invasion of Earth due to a hangover and the Cybermen invasion because she was scuba diving in Spain. Donna tried to live without the Doctor.

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At the time it was unknown to Donna that the accident was caused by a future version of herself from a parallel world. Clements by turning left, heading for the Chiswick High Road. The Doctor was reluctant at first but agreed after Donna assured him that she, unlike his two previous companions, harboured no romantic feelings for him. Family doctors are usually general practitioners who treat all types of patients of all ages. She tried to convince him to stop the eruption, but he called it impossible stating that it was a fixed point in time.