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When that moment happens he knows he will be needing a new secretary soon. Knopf, he told the audience at Columbia, had failed in its promotion of The Moviegoer.

Liebling, one was left to presume, a masterpiece may have been forever lost to posterity. In a rude manner, he refused to be quiet and told the old man to mind his own business. He is a stockbroker who has affairs with his various secretaries. Now Walker Percy was heavily influenced by the writings of the Existentialist movement as he was composing this novel. When Knopf did find out how it ended up on the short list he was mortified.

In the row behind me

The book had not even sold through its initial printing. He lives in Gentilly, a middle class suburb of New Orleans. It looked kind of like a puddle, spreading out beneath him. He has philosophical moments, reflecting on the people and things he encounters on the road.

In the row behind me, there was an old man and sitting to my right, three seats down, there was a big fat man. None of it factors into the progression of tradition. All of a sudden, on the movie screen, a zombie appeared out of nowhere and attacked someone. Her bottom is so beautiful that once as she crossed the room to the cooler I felt my eyes smart with tears of gratitude.

None of it factors into the