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Well, most people don't realize that Einstein based his theory of gravitational force on his study of magnetism. Another interesting note is that the force-field effect can be modified to create a vacuum. This is something that electronics engineers aren't taught, which is why you've never heard of this in an engineering sense before.

Judging from the reaction of the Antigravity newsgroup, I gathered that a few other people also had that same initial reaction. It's because without the ability to focus and concentrate you're pretty much stuck on being able to develop a new idea.

Again, its the social dynamic here that soured Marcus to things. These experiments yield only energy and angular resolution and their interpretation rely on the assumption that the atomic nuclei and all elementary particles are spherical. In a very real sense a helium balloon gets its energy from the surrounding environment. Another excellent example is a helium-balloon.

From January to mid-February Marcus became like somewhat of an addiction in the newsgroups. Despite the incredible amount of published data that Marcus was able to complete, in some ways it made things worse for him than not having anything at all. However, the device is operational, and you have a force-field that you can apparently bounce a heavy hammer off of without being able to penetrate it Marcus description.

Andrea Pocar University of Massachusetts A

Andrea Pocar University of Massachusetts A new nuclear property unknown by nuclear theorists can be connected to dark matter. For instance, the bifilar windings on the armature-coils are self-cancelling fields, and even a basic-electronics education will tell you that. Exactly what this means isn't all that clear yet, but where laws fail, new discoveries can follow. Every time he wrote a detailed summary of the construction of the device, we'd come away with more questions than we'd started out with.

For instance the bifilar windings on