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Annie exclaimed with delightBut now she was actually excited

There's so much that you'll want to know about sex. His daughter felt so erotic in his arms, but he felt guilty for what he'd done.

Brad sat up, standing Annie up. Annie looked at him and realized he was truly embarrassed in front of her. She stood completely naked before him, except for her white socks, totally unembarrassed.

You're doing it exactly right. Every once in a while, she'd take the head in her mouth and see how much she could get in it, then swirl her tongue around and around. Uh, I was just wondering what this was all about. He almost made the mistake of reaching for the mouse, but caught himself in time.

Annie exclaimed with delight. But now she was actually excited about this idea. Brad was sitting in his home office when the phone rang.

Brad heard Annie's footsteps through the house and then come to the door of his office. She stood there in that pose, smiling as her parents looked at her. It just seems like it would be so exciting to do that. To lick between her legs and make her shudder with pleasure and orgasm. It's just like a screen test, where they see what you look like and how you act in front of the camera.

Sitting back down on his chair, Brad grabbed some more tissues to clean his cock, then pulled his pants back up and fastened them. He did notice that she didn't touch him or hug him as much when Deborah was around. She always wanted to know what it was and what made it hard.

The weekend passed pretty quickly. But Annie carried on while they continued shopping, talking about wanting to be a famous model.