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Had Sunday tix, went to the Ritz and met Jerry leaving for the show. This show is heavy with endings, and not a good example of what made the Dead great. Shame on the rest of them. The solution to everying is death. To top it off, my good friend and I were not getting along at all, and the trip almost ended our friendship.

The esctacy when they broke into Shakedown at the start of the second set made us all cry. But once we heard the sad news, everything was forgotten.

Jerry's last shining moment. Frasier has arranged for a ceremonial cannon-firing when Martin and Ronee are officially declared married. Its too bad he was not around longer. What a great man and musician What a lost.

The other day I went

Frasier invites his brother, father, Daphne, Ronee, and Roz to his apartment to announce his move to San Francisco. The other day I went to Mars and talked to God. Now Phish is gone and I'm retired. In my opinion this was a straightforward performance and any shortcomings were more to the fault of one Bobby Weir than J.

Frasier calls Lilith to ask after Frederick. Jerry's voice can always put a smile on my face. Play on Dark Star, now you are in harmony with your Birdsong.

Frasier invites his brother