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Two boats work one very large net that floats just above the sea-bed. Their trips take two to four days.

We have a particular mission to support and help other organisations, as well as the public, with information and knowledge. The oysters traded in Holland are the flat farmed oyster and the Japanese oyster creuse. Our traders operate at the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Beam trawl The first group of cutters comprises a large number of powerfully propelled and modernly equipped beam trawl cutters, fishing for plaice and sole.

Round fishery Only a limited number of cutters are fully equipped for the fishing for cod, whiting and haddock. Fresh or deep-frozen fillets of these fish find their way to consumers in Italy, Switzerland, France, America and many other countries. The beam trawl fishery uses two sets of gear that are dredged along the sea-bed in order to catch species such as plaice, sole, dab, turbot, brill and lemon sole.

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The estuaries in Zeeland and the Waddensea are attractive places for the shrimp. Groups of fishermen make arrangements among themselves to divide the fish quota. At the auction, the shrimps are first transported over a sieve to sift the undersized shrimps. After a certain period of purification the mussels are sold.

All flavors are available in liquid or powder. Round fish is caught in various ways.

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After having been cooked, the crew cleans the shrimps from any impurities and the shrimps are stocked in refrigerated fish holds. After all, the Waddensea and the Oosterschelde are both very shallow.