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Gandalf escapes before the Dark Lord subdues him. Further differentiating Azog from other orcs are his piercing blue eyes and smoother skin, with deep, tattoo-like incisions covering his face and torso. Tolkien explains this in his Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings to prospective translators. During his final battle with Thorin, he also abandoned his usual mace in favour of what appeared to be a large brick on a chain, perhaps salvaged from the decrepit towers of Ravenhill.

You'll need to update the snmptt. The Balrog reached the bridge. Suddenly, Elven swordsmen jump from behind the dwarven shield wall into the first line of orcs, who wield mostly swords and axes.

He then returns, now armed with a large flail and his blade arm. Fire came from its nostrils.

If Rivendell were to be attacked, the dragon Smaug could cause great devastation. Gandalf broke Saruman's staff and expelled him from the White Council and the Order of Wizards, and assumed Saruman's place as head of both. Bard charges with his army, and temporarily halts Azog's force, but not for long. Aragorn eventually succeeded, and Gandalf questioned Gollum, threatening him with fire when he proved unwilling to speak.

Using his armSuddenly Thorin and Company burst

He pursues and attacks Thorin and Company on their way to the Lonely Mountain, apparently out of vengeance. In wisdom or great folly it has been sent away to be destroyed, lest it destroy us. Gandalf left the company before they entered Mirkwood, saying that he had pressing business to attend to. As Azog's body drifts away, Thorin follows it and falls for the orc's trap. He also seemingly knew a great deal about the line of Durin, as he knew that Fili had a brother, and that they were the heirs to the throne.

Using his arm blade, Azog stabs Thorin's foot and breaks through the ice, stabbing Thorin in the abdomen. Suddenly, Thorin and Company burst out of the mountain and charge the orcs. Though Bilbo would never be entirely free of the desire for the Ring, he was the first of its bearers to give it up willingly.