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The Hemingway Tradition by Kristen Butcher download in ePub, pdf, iPad

His dad was

An important lesson of this book is to except what you have because one day it might not be there anymore. Kristin is a teacher turned writer and reviewer. In conclusion if you'd like to read a quick mystery I would recommend this to you. Although, it carries a good message. Kristin lives in Campbell River, British Columbia.

His dad was an author and shaw thought he loved his job. Now he is wondering how he can get that thought out of his head.

Now he is wondering how

This book had a great beginning and body go the story but, the ending did not conclude what the reader wanted to know. Kristin Butcher In this story the main character's are Dylan, Shaw.

Although, Shaw's thought process changes after his dad's suicide. He does not know why his dad committed suicide and he wants to figure out why. Shaw's father killed himself and ever since then had that thought stuck in his head and he is trying to get the thought out of his head. You may think that is a good thing but the ending did not leave me at the edge of my seat.

Kristin has always had a wild imagination and cant imagine that shell ever run out of ideas for stories. Over all, it was a pretty good book. It had a good plot even though it was confusing at times. If you like mystery stories this is the book for you.

It seems like it got to the point to quickly, which made it hard to understand. It was my moms turn to drive, so I was stretched out in the passenger seat, watching Saskatchewan slide by, thinking there must be a couple dozen different ways for a guy to kill himself.