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He is an Irish Catholic originally

The subsequent flooding becomes a disastrous ride, nearly killing Howard. Their disappearance mobilizes the entire town into action to search the mammoth cave. Leisure time amusements and activities in the days before radio and television.

Another story has Tom betting who is braver by having both boys break curfew and meet at the entrance to the forbidden Skeleton Cave. Tom suspects they are confidence men. Too bad Tom makes it worse at the end, but the contrast is striking and highlights just how crass Tom can be at times.

Danny's left eye always seems

John resents her dating Tom, as she has taken all of Tom's attention to the detriment of playing with John and his friends. And the final story, about Toming hitting the teens and beginnig to get interested in girls, seems oddly anti-climactic I assume this is the final book in the series.

Papa explains to the townspeople that it was because Abie was a Jew that no one recognized or helped him with his situation. Harold Vickers, son of the district attorney. With Abie's death, it can be inferred that the town no longer has any Jewish people living in it.

Danny's left eye always seems half-shut, except when he gets excited. He is an Irish Catholic originally from the Eastern United States who headed west to seek his fortune as a newspaper writer and publisher.