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The first chapter

These three chapters together provide as fine an introduction to what makes a good priest as I have ever seen. In an attempt to salvage his own reputation and his life he sets out to solve the crime and to find out exactly what is going on with some of his fellow priests. Not well conceived, but priceless nonetheless. In an attempt to salvage his own reputation and his life he sets ou Father Vincent Ross - a Catholic priest - finds himself in the middle of a scandal where he has actually done nothing wrong. From the title, you might think the book is about a conspiracy against priests.

Major heart eyes happening at Casa de Cupcake. Cole clarifies the nature and operation of each of these vices and shows how each one can ensnare the unwary priest, destroying both his spiritual life and his work.

Envy is discussed in the context of the brotherhood of the cloth in which, inevitably, some are recognized for their achievements while others go unnoticed. Vincent Ross again, I'm afraid. It's the story of a priest in a small Scottish town who learns of a crime via the confessional. If the book did nothing more than detail priestly vices, it would disappoint for lack of both a reference point and a goal.

Cole was elected prior

But the confessional is sacrosanct and he can do nothing about it and in any case he doesn't know who it was. For example, the chapter on vainglory deals with the temptation posed by praise, which is often desired by those drawn to public roles.

Instead, study must be the handmaid of contemplation, another means of uniting oneself with that full truth which is Jesus Christ. These chapters engage priests precisely where they too often find themselves.

If you enjoy your crime novels with an unusual background then this may be one for you. As apparently unrelated murders begin to seem linked to the crime he has to wrestle with his conscience, and of course to put himself in danger in order to solve the mystery.

Cole was elected prior of St. The first chapter provides an excellent introduction to the nature of the Catholic priesthood according to the clear teachings of the Church. Temptation and Vice Following a general discussion of the lengths to which the Devil will go to lead priests astray, Fr. All I can say is, priceless.