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Coffin, who had earlier purchased Sea Island, opened the Cloister to great critical acclaim. Simons Island became a preferred vacation destination. Simons Island, Canon's Point is one of the last untouched maritime forests on the coast and is in dire need of preservation. To promote the Golden Isles to become a nationally recognized resort destination. Their mournful expressions create an emotional and unforgettable experience for viewers.

The soul of

The soul of this island is timeless, heartfelt, graceful, spiritual, and history enriches every view. The purpose of the Development Authority is to promote new industry and existing industry expansion. Explore nearby historic Cumberland Island - offering an unprecedented opportunity to connect with nature at its most pristine on this legendary barrier island.

Membership investments and expenses are tax deductible as a business expense rather than a charitable contribution, and businesses of every size and description are part of the Chamber. During certain times of year, dead cordgrass known as wrack washes up on the beach and gathers at the high tide line. There is also a vibrant contemporary culture that manifests itself in a broad mixture of creative arts. As a result, they were hunted almost to extinction.

The centuries-old art of stained glass is on display at several locations throughout the Golden Isles. Local theater productions, art exhibits, music festivals, culinary events, environmental expositions, art and photography shows are scheduled throughout the year. Read more about us and our farm.

The purpose of the Development Authority

Jekyll Island was once an exclusive winter retreat for some of America's wealthiest families. Fans of the relatively new sport of disc golf will find a course on St. Golfers will find plenty to captivate their interest on St. Created by a local sculptor, they memorialize sailors lost at sea on ships made of island lumber, along with some Native Americans. Healthcare and manufacturing are the other primary economic drivers, along with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

They may even see a shark or some other sea creature, landed by one of the local anglers. In-shore and river fishing can yield trout, redfish, flounder, sheepshead, whiting and more. The city's streets and squares are laid out in a formal grid, similar to Savannah and other colonial cities, and continue to bear their colonial names. Simons Island and Jekyll Island.