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In a local election in

And at the moment, our citizens feel unwell, insecure. The choice, Strache told me, was geared toward winning sympathy from voters who might otherwise balk at supporting a nationalist. The fiercely anti-immigration party, led by crusading rightwing journalist Paulo Portas, is now part of a rightwing coalition. Faced with pressure from the E.

For far-right parties across the continent, mismanagement of the Greek crisis is proof positive that the E. Unlike Greece, Spain and other debt-wracked E. People have stopped believing they can move up the social ladder.

In contrast to earlier extreme right or fascist parties, they work within a country's political and electoral system. Beginning in the s, the electoral successes of far-right political candidates made it possible for far-right political parties to revitalize anti-immigration as a mainstream issue. That a country that has thrived under the current E.

Even in Germany, where shame over the Nazis has long provided resistance to the pull of nationalism, the far-right Alternative for Germany party AfD has broken into the mainstream. Such people live in de-industrialised areas, or rural or semi-urban areas, on the periphery of globalised metropolises to which they have no access. Sweden illustrates how wide-ranging the rise of the far right has become, while France shows how deep. These five facts explain the rise of the radical right in Europe, its causes and its implications for the region.

In a local election in early September, the AfD got more votes than the conservative party of Chancellor Angela Merkel in her own electoral district both finished behind the Social Democrats. He replied with a famous line from the Republican strategist Lee Atwater. Along with Germany, France is a leader of the E.

Some authors argue that these parties share essential characteristics, while others point to the unique national features and circumstances of each party. No country seemed to better represent the ideals of openness and tolerance toward outsiders. That would further undermine European unity and create a new source of tension in U. The date of the vote has not yet been set. In another local election, held in Berlin on Sept.

He replied with a famous line