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Without the proper knowledge ofDifferent light sources such as the

This is to do with the white balance and, whilst you can make some adjustments to the image on your computer, it is much simpler if you get it right up-front. Understand File Size and Types You will have the option to be able to change the size of the images that your camera records, and in which file type.

Now published in sixteen languages, The Photographer's Eye continues to speak to photographers everywhere. Learn about White balance If shooting in jpeg, as recommended above, you will need to make sure you set your white balance before taking a picture. After a small amount of practice, you will soon get into the habit of being able to change the focus point without taking the camera away form your eye. If that focus is not achieved, the image will not be what you wanted. If you take a picture of your business card as the first photo in a session, should the card be lost your odds of having it returned to you are increased.

Reducing the aperture by one whole f-stop, e. Another option is to transmit your images, as they are shot, over a network to your laptop or smart device. Similarly, if you point your camera at a really dark scene, such as a low-lit room, and take a photograph the resulting image will always be brighter than you or I see it. It will enable you to get the best results whilst you learn the basics or your camera before complicating matters with post-processing of raw files.

This is best used when taking photos of action or moving subjects such as sports and wildlife. That switch is an override for if you want to manually focus your lens.

Without the proper knowledge of how to work those cameras, though, the resulting images won't be much better than what you'd get from the average point-and-shoot. Different light sources such as the sun, light bulbs, fluorescent strips etc emit light of different wavelengths, and therefore colours, which can be described by what is known as colour temperature. Generally, you will be able to look up at the sky and see what kind of day it is, and determine the colour balance required pretty easily. Straight out of camera, with the snow caught as grey. When you half-press the shutter, the focus will be acquired and locked on that point for as long as you hold the button down.

Special Situations Such as Fireworks, Lightning, etc. Many cameras have that option.

You may have noticed that sometimes your images have a blueish tone to them or, in others, everything looks very orange. Yes, if you use smaller cards you may lose half as many photos, but you might also find that more cards equates to a higher risk of losing one or damaging one through stupidity. After all, in a terrible collision, you might lose only a couple of your kinfolk rather than all of them.