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The Dog Who Came for Christmas by Sue Pethick download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Another side of this story was

My heart broke for her after the couple months were up and the puppy she had spoiled with love had to move on to the next phase of their training. It's been almost two weeks. The visits are usually only once a week, occasionally two.

We take them

We take them on all our vacations and many outings. Another side of this story was the struggle Megan and her husband, Ian, had with trying to have a baby. Through Megan Rix's eyes I saw how attached she became to her trainer puppies. Even the one I would say had the most issues improved in our home and I didn't have too many issues taking her places either.

But, I found myself bored out of my mind. My mind was immediately on this story. It is very hard when they leave and it's also hard dealing with the agency at times. It is not for everyone though and I respect Megan's choice to not go that route.