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Convict era of Western Australia

In the Parramatta female factory the occupants were not given mattresses or blankets to sleep on and the social conditions inside were indecent. The leg irons came in different weights so that different levels of discomfort could be applied. For example, punishments such as an eye-for-an-eye aim to make criminals suffer to the degree that their victims have suffered.

Transportation to Tasmania ended in see section below on Cessation of Transportation. This compelled the government to send more women to Australia as a way of establishing a native population. Justice for the victim is one justification. Many convicts were allowed to travel as far as New Zealand to make a new life after being given limited freedom, even if they were not allowed to return home to England. While there he was called upon by the government to give evidence before a Parliamentary Commission on the evils of transportation, and at their request wrote and submitted a tract on the subject.

Medical journals recorded that they caused severe groin pain, bruising of the skin, lesions and skin ruptures. However, as the existing small population was already experiencing difficulties producing enough food, the sudden doubling of the population was almost catastrophic.

John Murray in the Lady Nelson had discovered and named the previous year. Britain rejected sending fixed term convicts, but offered to send first offenders in the final years of their terms. These punishments didn't achieve anything except provide the pyschopath with gratification in the infliction of misery. When this did occur, it created a class of woman who often resorted to prostitution in order to feed and house themselves properly. An-eye-for-an-eye punishments are typically justified as a form of justice.

And none will doubt that our emigration Had prov'd most useful to the British Nation. As an act of defiance, Convicts tried to avoid showing pain.

Convict era of Western Australia Fremantle Prison gatehouse. For example, hanging someone in public was intended to serve as a warning to potential criminals about what would happen if they too broke the law.

For example hanging someone in public

The settlement was at first called Edenglassie. Many changes were made to the manner in which convicts were handled in the general population, largely responsive to British public opinion on the harshness of their treatment. Most of the convicts had their Ticket-of-Leave and were hired to work by the free settlers.

The Convict was typically spread eagled over a triangular frame or tied to a tree. Many couples lived and cohabited together monogamously without being officially married, yet these women were recorded as being prostitutes. They arrived in waves corresponding to political unrest in Britain and Ireland.