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They accepted what was taught to them because it was the only truth offered. The Great Crusade was a war of expansion spread across the galaxy.

When any mortal dies, its spirit drifts into the Warp. Lorgar then joined his father and his Legion on the Great Crusade to reunify the human worlds of the galaxy under the new Imperium.

Others though seem equally likely to have played their part. He was no god, and would suffer no such belief in His realm. That disease came and culled generations, but that these times would pass for nothing could remain unchanged.

Some even went so far as to wonder if the Iconoclasts of old had not succumbed to the superstitious practices they had once persecuted. After a fiery sermon before the city gates, they opened to him. At least that seems the likely path that led him to make his crusade not one of rationality but of faith. To every other eye, the Word Bearers seemed possessed by a penitent fury and grim resolve to burn the past.

Ingethel replied that the Primordial Truth was deeply embedded in humanity's blood. Some may say that future generations could see all that would come to pass was born in that moment.

At their core

At their core they need a cause around which to build their world. All of Mankind knew innately that something awaited them after death. He began to preach this news to the people of Colchis, causing disruptions to the theocratic rule of the Covenant as people converted to his dissident beliefs in the One God.

The disparity eventually became too much to be ignored. Unguided, with madness rampant in its own living core as the Prince of Pleasure devoured its souls, the Craftworld had fallen. The emissaries and expeditions found their answer.

All of Mankind knew innately that

Though the Immaterium represented the Heaven promised in most human faiths across history, it was also the same Hell humanity had always feared. Ultramar was even then a growing realm of hundreds of obedient and prosperous star systems.