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The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump by Harry Turtledove download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Mention is also made of the

It ends with the narrator deliberately calling the boss at the same hour. Mesoamerican religion and the role of Human Sacrifice therein is a plot point. It's mentioned that he left Persia when the secularist government was formed.

The title is The Case of

By creating magical parallels with common, everyday items and needs, the narrator's explanations serve to finish covering the gap and acclimating the reader to the novel's world. Gods, demons, and all other denizens of the Other Side exist only through veneration, and as such will cease to exist should they no longer be worshiped. Exactly that very nearly happens at the book's climax.

The book also employs many of the conventions of the hard-boiled detective novel, transposed to this setting. Spain didn't colonize America until considerably later than in our world, so there's an Aztec empire with a thin veneer of Spanishness in the place of Mexico. The vampire likely expected him to brandish a cross or crucifix, a likely useless gesture as the vampires in the area tend to be of Balkan descent and were so immune to symbols of Christianity.

The title is The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, which tells you this is going to be a detective story. Mention is also made of the nations Alemania and Persia, as well as a Hanese restaurant. Just like we tend to see a world where everything is done by magic. Azteca forms the Confederation's southern border. Whether this will actually work is still unclear.