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Spanish escuela but remained in others Italian scuola. In fact, it is quite rich of implications. In addition, word and constituent order has been shown to be an areal feature, rather than be distinctive of genetic affiliation. Zur Frage der Entstehung des grammatischen Geschlechtes.

The function of verb initial sentences in some ancient Indo-European languages. Crosslinguistic grammaticalization patterns of the allative. From non-canonical to canonical agreement. This suffix has the only function of supplying missing forms of genitives in noun inflection. Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans.

Comparative Linguistics and Grammaticalization TheoryThe function of

University of Chicago Press. The Greenbergian Word Order Correlations. Il genitivo aggettivale nelle lingue anatoliche.

University of California Press. Hittite and the Indo-European Verb. The historical development of the English prepositions to and for.

They viewed the fusional type of ancient Indo-Aryan as instantiating the highest possible level of perfection, with other language types located on different qualitative levels with respect to it. This is just a hint to the importance of language contact, and its possible consequences on our understanding of language relatedness.

The function of the genitive, here to encode a nominal modifier, is fulfilled by an adjective with the suffix -assi-. Comparative Linguistics and Grammaticalization Theory. In the first place, apparently no known language has voiced aspirates without also having voiceless aspirates. However, things are not as simple as one could expect, as Comrie also shows in his discussion.