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The Caine Prize for African Writing 2013 by Caine Prize download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Our literature, African literature, is better off. That said, I am glad I took the chance to read this book and learn what some African writers are doing. The creeping presence of America on the African imagination ties three of the stories together.

It points to a geographical extension of the African imagination in most of the new writing. The second section of the collection, the workshop stories, holds some brilliant work and some of a less polished standard.

Bayan Layi by Elnathan John. Three of the stories are directly concerned with diaspora life in America. The second section contains workshop stories. Four other Nigerians and one Sierra Leonean were also shortlisted for the prize. An old man is the only one who fights it.

The literature is a windowWhat is quite intriguing

As outlined in the Ernest N. It could be that African literature has for a long time been fed with long and elaborate tales in the form of folktales or in the form of novels.

The Caine prize itself is sometimes described as the African Booker. That story is about a fishing village threatened by oil developers, and the sacrifice one man makes to save their way of life. Rotimi Babatunde's contribution leaves everyone else in the dust. There is something particularly striking about African literature as reflected in these five shortlisted stories. Nigerians dominate this volume, with four of the five shortlisted stories and several of the workshop ones as well.

Emenyonu edited volume, Writing Africa in the Short Story, the short story genre is not an easy form despite its urgency and potency. The Caine prize is broadening its definition and scope.

The literature is a window into the African experience beyond Africa, its global interactions with other cultures though not always pleasant. What is quite intriguing on the list is the dominance of Nigeria. The first part comprises of the shortlisted stories and the eventual winner. The book is in two sections.