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The Beauty of Discomfort by Amanda Lang download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Becoming comfortable with discomfort won't just make us more resilient and more successful, however we define success. In doing so, it not only calls for the readers to stop avoiding failure, but inspires them to embrace and even benefit from it. Following one of my favorite examples in the book, I decided to focus on constructive criticism and use it for my personal growth and success. This novel follows a similar layout, consisting of observations about resilience supported by Canadian and international stories as an example.

Learning to tolerate, and then embrace, discomfort is the foundation for change, for individuals and businesses alike. With these examples, the book inspires readers to push their own limits and seek challenges when feeling too comfortable with where they are. It will change your perceptions of wearable art forever. Having made jewelry from recycled plastic trash for years, I wanted to expand dramatically to highlight the enormous problem of plastic waste accumulating in our rivers, oceans, and communities.

Gigantic formal collars in plastic are ready to wear and promising to elevate the personage with a unique identity. Model wearing a foot long boa necklace of recycled black plastic by Harriete Estel Berman.

However, I found her second book to be a lot less-exciting. Pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones may indeed create discomfort, but this is short-lived and critical for achieving our long-term goals.

Accessories are not always easyShe made sure the stories were

After finishing the book, it was clear to me that discomfort is actually a personal game changer, but there is no beauty in it. On a more personal note, I found this book to be full of great insights that I try to apply in my daily life as a graduate student. It can spur you on, pushing you to test your own limits.

Accessories are not always easy to wear, but they can heighten and enhance individual expression. She made sure the stories were sufficiently different to cover most aspects of discomfort.